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Clever Poppy's DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

Julie from Clever Poppy has put together some instructions to make her DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging using wool roving and acrylic yarn for the tassles. You can see Julie's instructions here, or I've added her YouTube video below. Scroll on for some tips from me when working with this pure NZ wool roving.

 I have put together two options for rainbow wall hanging kits;

  1. The full kit (includes the mat, a hook, the warm white roving, coloured wool roving and acrylic yarn)
  2. The half kit (just the mat, the warm white roving and hook - you can choose your coloured wool roving from here)

When I work with wool roving and the latch hook mat, instead of weaving the wool in and out of the mat I use a crochet hook. I put the crochet hook through the mat from back to front, and pull a small section of the roving back through the hole:

 Put the crochet hook through a hole in the mat from back to front
Hook a section of the wool roving
Pull the hook and the roving back through the hole in the mat
From the front the roving will look like this
From the back of the mat you will see the small sections of roving