About Hazel

My name isn't actually Hazel, it's Renee. Once upon a time Hazel's House was an online clothing store, and I blogged as Hazel for a few years. After the clothing I experimented with concrete and candles (and concrete candles), but still made time to crochet every night.

I taught myself to crochet by watching YouTube and made blankets for babies and throws for beds. I convinced my dad to make me a custom 45mm hook and I crocheted my first Couch Candy at the start of 2016.

I made my first crochet Couch Candy at the start of 2016, and after eight months of searching I got my hands on some pure NZ wool. While the crochet was my "point of difference", the requests for knitted Couch Candy were overwhelming and so I taught myself to arm knit.

I am so proud that everything you see here is hand made by me, right here in rural New Zealand.